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Preserve your precious video on DVD $9.95 Home Video to DVD Transfer
We care about your precious Home Videos as much as you do. All video work is done right here in our studio. We don't farm any of it out. Before we transfer any video tapes to DVD we first "scope" them out for actual time. Then, one of our staff will contact you by phone or email to let you know the times of your videotapes, whether there is any questionable old TV stuff on them and the best cost way of transferring your video footage to DVD. You then can decide how best to proceed and what you might want to have left out of the transfer. We transfer video to DVD in high quality MPEG2 format viewable on standard home-entertainment type DVD players and all computer DVD players. The resolution stays at 720 X 480 pixels and 30 frames/second. For the best quality, we recommend that no more than 2 hours of video be transferred to each DVD. Our price includes the blank DVDs (media) and a slim case.

Preserve Your Video to DVD or avi Files
We Transfer from VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi 8, Digital 8, Mini DV and Betamax. Any video worth saving should be transferred to DVD or avi Files As Soon As Possible! We can also transfer (digitize) your video footage from the videotape to avi files on your portable hard/flash drive for just $2.50 per 5 minutes of video footage. We pass the video signal through a TBC (Time Base Corrector) to keep the audio in sync with the video. The frame size stays at 720 x 480 and the avi files are in an uncompressed format. 5 minutes of uncompressed video/audio footage is right about 1 gigabyte. We keep the file sizes under 2 gigabytes for easy file handling. The avi files are built in an end to end format so you can import them into your PC or Mac editing platform timeline without any video overlap. The color and line quality of your video footage is actually improved a little bit in the transfer process. Your video tapes are not harmed during either transfer process, to DVD or to avi files.

We Transfer from VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi 8, Digital 8, Mini DV and Betamax

Get your audio cassettes transferred to Audio CD or wav files so you can listen to them on your CD player or computer Audio Cassettes CD Transfer Service
We offer our Audio to CD/wav Transfer service for old home cassette tapes so you can listen to them on your CD player or computer. There are two ways you can choose from to have your audio transferred, the quick & cheap way or the longer, more expensive way. The quick way is $9.95 to get your cassette ready to go to CD exactly how it sounds and $1 for each CD made (burned). The longer, more expensive way is $3.50 per 5 minutes of audio and $1 for each CD made (burned). This way we capture your audio into our computer and clean up most of the hiss and/or hum, adjust all the volumes throughout and divide it up into tracks if possible. All audio work is done here in our lab. We don't farm it out. Our price includes the blank CDs (media) and a slim case.

Our Happy Customers E-mail, Call & Send Notes About Our Services
We get emails, notes & letters (besides all the nice phone calls) from our satisfied customers telling us how much they appreciate our 8mm/16mm or video to DVD transfer services. Here are a few sample emails, notes & letters. Our happy, repeat customers keep referring others to us. Often times there are tears shed by our customers over the happy memories we brought back to life for them.
A Typical Note From a Satisfied Customer
We transfer your old home video tapes to DVD
so you can watch them on your TV or computer monitor. $9.95 for up to 2 hours!

We also transfer your old cassette tapes to CD so you can listen to them on your CD player or computer.
$9.95 for 80 minutes!

Musevox Multimedia
Altamont, Missouri
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- Operating Since 1998 -
2 Hours of Home Video to DVD
(includes blank DVDs & slim case)
The Industry says DVD will last a Century or more.
Preserve your precious video on DVD
Click here for Video to DVD Transfers for $9.95

Thanks a million for the treasure that you made a reality. My father passed away recently and he was in every one of those videos. Watching the DVD brought back so many cherished memories. What you do is so much more than a service! It's a gift! I will forever cherish the DVD you created, as will those who I eventually will leave behind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
L. L.
PS: You did a great job with the production! It's flawless.....well, as flawless as old home movies from the '70's can be!
You transferred a 50 year old 8mm movie to avi and mov formats of my parents' wedding last year that I worked with in Studio 9 that was just great work! You even captured stills from the movie where it was mostly "black". I used the stills to create an effect like you would see in a documntary. Your service and eye for that level of detail was just fantastic! I recommend your work to anyone who will listen! Thanks so much for allowing me to make a very special memory for my parents come alive for them again!
P. G.

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